Additional energy news coverage of RED


Midwest Energy News, September 07, 2012
Q&A: How capturing wasted energy can revive the Midwest, by Dan Ferber.


Bloomberg Businessweek, March 31, 2011
Speed Dial: Tom Casten, by Nick Leiber.


Crain’s Cleveland Business, November 08, 2010
Manufacturers save with energy efficiency, by Lonzo Coleman, guest columnist.
Albuquerque Journal, November 08, 2010
Energy recycling makes jobs, by David Mccoy and Tom Casten.
EnergyBiz, September 07, 2010
Generating Electricity from Excess Heat, by Ken Silverstein.
National Geographic News, August 23, 2010
Tapping into the Electric Power of Heat, by Josie Garthwaite.
FOX News, July 08, 2010
The Other Green Energy: Recycled energy is often overlooked, but has huge potential, by Mike Tobin.
MSNBC, June 29, 2010
Energy efficiency critical to U.S. economy, by Dylan Ratigan.
Charleston Daily Mail, May 03, 2010
Energy source awaits in plant, by George Hohmann.
West Virginia Public Broadcasting, April 28, 2010
Plant’s energy recycling system will cut back on waste, make money, by Erica Peterson.
Energy Empowers, April 23, 2010
Recycling energy yields super savings.
E&ETV (OnPoint), April 14, 2010
Munson makes push for industrial efficiency incentives in legislation, by Monica Trauzzi.
IndustryWeek, April 14, 2010
Industrial leaders call for green tax incentives, by Peter Alpern.
TriplePundit, March 19, 2010
What’s Green and Clean and RED All Over?, by RP Siegel.
Science Now, February 22, 2010
Harvesting Heat for Power, by Dan Ferber.
Trends, January/February 2010
Capturing waste energy, by Melissa Mullarkey.
Galvin Electricity Initiative, February 02, 2010
Recycling energy.
The Nation, February 15, 2010
The Case for ‘Gray Power’, by Lisa Margonelli.
Chief Executive, January/February 2010
Cogeneration: Producing Heat and Light and Profits, by Ronald Bailey.
Greenopolis, January 25, 2010
$20 Gas and Beyond: Conservation = Innovation, by Joe Laur.


Green Sense Radio, December 05, 2009
Trash to Cash, by Robert Colangelo.
Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis, November 03, 2009
Excerpt from Chapter 12: Less is More, by Al Gore.
Christian Science Monitor, October 08, 2009
Why Aren’t We Harnessing Waste Heat?, by Moises Velasquez-Manoff.
The New Republic, October 02, 2009
Drunk with Power, by Bradford Plumer.
Greentech Media, September 30, 2009
A 35% reduction in oil and gas, by Michael Kanellos.
World Watch, September/October 2009
A Bridge to the Renewable Energy Future, by Robert U. Ayres and Ed Ayres.
Energy Efficiency Markets, August 13, 2009
Is waste heat the silver bullet?, by Elisa Wood.
Climate Change — Foreign Policy Blogs, August 12, 2009
There Oughta Be a Law, by Bill Hewitt.
Climate Progress, May 26, 2009
The United States of Waste, by Joseph Romm.
WGN Radio, April 26, 2009
Morning Papers, by Rick Kogan.
CNET News | Green Tech, April 21, 2009
Waste heat: The next frontier for clean-tech companies, by Michael Kanellos.
Rabett Run, April 04, 2009
Recycle, by Eli Rabett.
Nature, March 12, 2009
The Energy Should Always Work Twice, by David Lindley., February 27, 2009
Converting Energy Waste into Electricity and Heat, by Bruce Hathaway.
Greentech Media, January 24, 2009
Will Waste Heat Be Bigger Than Solar?, by Michael Kanellos.
livebetter, Issue 5, 2009
Recycled Energy Good for the Planet and Good for the Bottom Line.

2008, December 09, 2008
Recycled Energy: Green, Underused, by Poppy Harlow.
Chicago Reporter, November 05, 2008
Creating Energy From Waste, by Kari Lydersen., October 23, 2008
Powering the Planet, by Matt Nesto.
NBC (, October 17, 2008
Companies Harness Wasted Energy, Recycle It, by Ginger Zee.
Mother Nature Network | Plenty Magazine, September 25, 2008
Waste energy—a light at the end of the tunnel?, by Victoria Schlesinger.
Energy NewsData (Clearing Up), September 22, 2008
In the Move to Go Green, Gray Power Should Be a Significant Player, by Jude Noland.
Forbes Magazine, September 15, 2008
Gray Is The New Green, by Christopher Steiner.
SolveClimate, September 12, 2008
Co-Generation: Clean as Wind, Reliable as Coal, by David McClellan.
Daily Kos, September 10, 2008
A Zero Cost Solution to Energy and Climate Change, by George Mokray.
Cleveland Scene, August 31, 2008
Full Of Hot Air: Ohio Needs To Stop Talking About Energy Solutions And Embrace What’s Already Available, by Charu Gupta.
KBOO-FM (Radiozine), July 29, 2008
Waste Heat Recovery, by Bruce Silvernan.
Dartmouth Engineer, Summer 2008
Ideas for Solving the Energy Puzzle, by Lee Michaelides.
National Public Radio, May 22, 2008
‘Recycling’ Energy Seen Saving Companies Money, by David Schaper.
Business Green, May 21, 2008
From waste heat to tethered tornados, by Danny Bradbury.
The Atlantic, May 2008
Waste Not, by Lisa Margonelli.
Connect Press, April 24, 2008
Recycled Energy and Co-generation Could Power the Future, by Staci Matlock.
E&E TV (OnPoint), April 23, 2008
Energy Recycling a Bridge to Fossil Fuel-free Future, by Monica Trauzzi.
CNET, April 21, 2008
Companies to watch in green tech: Recycling, by Michael Kanellos.
U.S.News & World Report, April 17, 2008
Three Ways Businesses Can Save on Power, by Marianne Lavelle.
The State Journal, April 17, 2008
Conference Focuses on Advantages of Energy Efficiency, by Pam Kasey.
The Christian Science Monitor, March 27, 2008
Fuel Does Double Duty in N.Y., by Moises Velasquez-Manoff.
The State Journal, March 14, 2008
Alloy Silicon Plant Teams Up With Energy Recycler, by Cathy Bonnstetter.
Energy Washington Week, February 27, 2008
Cogen Advocates Seek State Support For Long-Term Contracts, by Will Harrington.
Chicago Tribune, February 11, 2008
Catching Heat Brings Business Opportunity, by Jon Van.
Dow Jones: Clean Technology Investor, February 06, 2008
Recycled Energy Development Inks First Deal, by Jonathan Shieber., February 06, 2008
Globe Specialty Metals in Recycle Energy Deal with Recycled Energy Development.
Charleston Gazette, February 06, 2008
Heat Recycling Brings Savings, Jobs to Fayette, by Sarah K. Winn.
Associated Press/WQAD, February 05, 2008
Illinois-based Power Recycler Announces W.Va. Project.
Living on Earth, February 01, 2008
Energy up in Smoke, by Bruce Gellerman.
E/The Environmental Magazine, January/February 2008
Considering Cogeneration: Clean Power Whose Time has Come…Back, by Marsha W. Johnston.


Trading Markets, December 27, 2007
Cogen Pioneer, Equity Firm Team On ‘Energy Recycling’.
SNL Interactive, December 05, 2007
Recycled Energy Development forms partnership to develop waste energy portfolio, by Jennifer Zajac.
Buyouts News, December 03, 2007
Denham Capital Sees Bounty In Wasted Energy, by Erin Griffith.
Orion Magazine, November-December, 2007
The Unsung Solution: What Rhymes with Waste-heat Recovery?, by Bill McKibben.
Climate Institute, November 28, 2007
Leapfrogging toward Climate Stabilization through Energy Recycling and Local Generation, by John C. Topping, Jr., President, Climate Institute.
Ceramic Tech Today, November 26, 2007
$1.5 Billion Partnership Will Recycle Industrial Waste Energy.
Los Angeles Times, November 26, 2007 (excerpted from Opinion)
Small Steps, Big Energy Savings.
The Harvard Crimson, November 20, 2007
Harvard Funds ‘Green’ Co.: Company to invest in technology that could reduce carbon emissions, by Nathan C. Strauss.
Environmental News Network, November 19, 2007
Clean Energy’s Best-Kept Secret: Waste Heat Recovery, by Alana Herro, Worldwatch Institute.
International Herald Tribune, November 16, 2007
Shakers: People in the news—Gates among backers of recycling venture, by Subramaniam Sharma.
Chicago Sun-Times, November 16, 2007
$1.5 Bil. to Help Westmont Firm Make Green Turbines.
Chicago Tribune, November 16, 2007
Cash Infusion Heats Up Prospects for Recycled-energy Business, by Jon Van.
Dow Jones: Clean Technology Investor, November 16, 2007
Denham Invests $500M for Waste Energy Projects, by Jonathan Shieber., November 15, 2007
Gates, Harvard Join a Record Energy-Recycling Fund, by Peter Robison., October 23, 2007
Wind Power, Solar Energy Demand to Outpace Supply, Report Finds, by Jim Efstathiou Jr.
Toronto Star, September 17, 2007
Missed energy opportunities: Ontario says it is committed to clean alternatives, so why are they not part of our long-term plans?, by Tyler Hamilton.
Grist, August 01, 2007
The world’s expert on recycled energy discusses…recycled energy, by David Roberts.
Crain’s Chicago Business, March 05, 2007
Cogenerating profits, by Paul Merrion.


E&E TV (OnPoint), May 07, 2006
Energy Markets: Munson talks about path forward for U.S. electric grid, by Brian Stempak.


Energy Info Source’s DG Insight, April 01, 2002
Interview: Thomas Casten, by DG Insight.

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