We recover waste energy—reducing your costs and cutting greenhouse gas emissions at the same time

RED helps manufacturers reduce energy costs and raise productivity. RED dramatically increases energy efficiency by capturing and recovering waste energy. This work frees up manufacturers’ cash, slashes greenhouse gas emissions, and boosts profits.

RED is led by the country’s most experienced energy recycling team. Over the past three decades, our principals, Tom and Sean Casten, have invested more than $2 billion in approximately 250 clean power projects that recover waste energy.

The business opportunity

Businesses that consume a lot of power usually emit significant amounts of waste energy. Manufacturers like steel mills and wall board makers, for example, produce substantial amounts of excess heat. RED takes this heat and converts it into clean electricity, processed steam, or other useful energy. Even processes that generate energy as a byproduct, such as natural gas pipeline pressure drops or industrial gas flares, can yield big benefits. Our job is to squeeze every possible drop of energy out of industrial processes—dramatically improving efficiency and reducing costs.

illustration of Recycled Energy Generation, showing reduced pollution and increased efficiency by recycling waste energy through steam generator and backpressure turbine generator

Through RED’s approach to energy efficiency—which includes techniques such as waste heat recovery and combined heat and power (CHP, also known as cogeneration)—manufacturers can cut energy costs substantially, which boosts their competitiveness and reduces their production costs. In addition, energy recycling improves reliability, since on-site generation decreases manufacturers’ dependence on the outdated and blackout-prone electric grid.

RED’s process

For industrialists, RED reduces costs without compromising a company’s core business. Through an open-book partnership, we’ll pay cash for manufacturers’ existing boilers and other energy equipment. We’ll then recover waste energy and heat to make electricity and steam, which industrialists will use to run their business or we’ll jointly sell to others. They will also be able to sell carbon credits by decreasing pollution—an opportunity that will only become more valuable in an increasingly carbon-constrained world.

Along the way, RED will provide manufacturers with all of the equipment, financial capital, and services associated with energy recycling, including development, financing, engineering, installation, and long-term operation.

The environmental opportunity

By increasing energy efficiency, RED’s work slashes greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling industrial waste energy thereby enables RED to tackle a major challenge of our time—global warming—while reducing energy costs for our customers. As the following graph shows, recycled energy is a big improvement on other energy options.

graph of energy recycling options and CO2 emissions, central generation vs. local generation, comparing BP turbine and recycled energy to conventional and ICGG coal and CCGT gas

At the same time, recycled power is far cheaper than virtually any other method of generating energy.

graph of energy recycling options and energy savings, central generation vs. local generation, comparing BP turbine and recycled energy to conventional and ICGGT coal and CCGT gas

In sum, RED offers manufacturers an opportunity to recover waste energy and start reaping profits—doing well while also doing good.

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